Who are we?

Who are we? Building materials' professionals! We use the latest technology, combined with German quality tradition.
Our products are ecologically compatible! With a shade for every taste! You choose your favorites.
We guarantee quality and longevity!


Facade design is a form of art, that has the ability to excite, inspire and transform. Each facade is individual, but not all of them make an unforgettable impact. Our facade paints offer the necessary protection and emphasize the beauty and identity of every facade, whether new, old, modern or historic.

Interior walls

Colors have an important function in the design of rooms. They make the first impression of the room.The search for the right shade that you want in your premises it is easier than ever with Mix Paletten System will solve your problem.

Holz- und Metallschutz

Following the trends in the domestic and international market and with the desire to reduce and eliminateorganic solvents in our products, as well as all other pollutants, we have created the “Wood & Metal Protection Product Line”.

We will be coming soon with our full updated catalogs and services.

Stay Tuned!

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